From Pyrmonts industrial beginnings the goods line was an industrial freight railway connecting Sydney’s inner west industrial suburbs to the ports and docks of Pyrmont. Now, not a lot of freight is happening but we’re still connecting Sydney's inner west.

Our vision is to quite simply to create a venue for locals and visitors to gather and connect, all the while providing world class specialty coffee and food.

Our train of thought (see what we did there) with our food? Simple food done well.



Our founder, Jack Hanna was the 2007 World Latte Art Champion and was instrumental in creating some of the biggest coffee brands in Australia, including The Grounds. We serve some of the best coffee in the world from a variety of different roasters and feature some consistently amazing single estate and single origin coffees. In our milk coffee, we proudly serve The Beanstalker blend from The Grounds Roastery, which was created by Jack. Andrew, our co founder is a license Q-Grader and has been in the coffee industry for over 15 years. He has worked with numerous established coffee brands and judged many coffees in the past. Together, we offer a world class coffee experience.

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Fun fact: Jack won the  world latte art championship 
  by pouring a perfect rosetta    behind his back. Now he
pours unicorns.

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Our menu is curated by Jason Roberson and Chris Evanges. We focus on seasonality and great produce. Jason’s vast past experience at some of Australia's leading venues has given our menu a unique and balanced flavour. Chris is our Head Chef and leads the team here at The Goodsline.


Our front of house team is led by Myles Farrell, who has over 18 years of experience in the industry. You'll always see Myles' friendly smile greeting you at the door and ready to make your wildest dreams (within reason and his contractual obligations) come true.


Andres Navarro, is our assistant venue manager. You'll most often find him behind the bar concocting crazy potions as well as some mind blowing drinks and cocktails. Don't get him started on his favourite drinks and cocktails... on second thoughts you probably should.